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About Us

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

"To set an example of Dementia Care by providing World Class, Comprehensive, Convenient, Timely & Compassionate Care & Treatment at reasonable cost"


Our Vision

Our vision is to develop a Centre for Dementia care which will provide an Ethical, Compassionate Healthcare to improve the quality of the lives of the elders with Dementia. Jagruti Elders & Dementia Care Centre will be the center of the choice for the Psychiatrists, Neuro Physicians, Dementia Patients, Elderly People & their Families.

We will strive for the International standards, Exceptional quality and expert care. It will be one of the great place to work on Dementia patients for the dedicated Professionals. We are also planning to do research & academic programmes in Geriatric & Dementia Care to improve the quality of life of the Geriatric People.


Our Values

Our values are the basic principles that serve as the foundation for everything we think, say and do. They are our organizational code of conduct and signify what we stand for. We refuse to be less than what these values represent. Any philosophy, policy, practice or behavior that is outside of these values is unacceptable and will either be improved or removed.

It's our core belief that human life is intrinsically valuable; it is therefore our goal at Jagruti is to provide the best possible physical & emotional support to individuals whom we support so that they may lead fulfilling lives.

Three Basic Values



Jagruti strives to provide care so that each individual feels valued for who they are, in happier times as well as challenging times. It is Jagruti's goal to provide an atmosphere where each individual feel understood, supported and secure. We endeavor to help people relax mentally, emotionally and physically. We are trying to develop optimum level of support for personal independence, health, security, social inclusion, satisfaction, rights, dignity and respect.


It is important to observe, acknowledge, listen to the verbal & non-verbal cues of the people we serve, supporting their communication in the mode, pace, & time frame of their choosing. In doing so, we seek to understand each individual's unique thoughts, requests, preferences and emotional & physical needs by listening to inputs from them & their family


Respect is the important aspect in everybody's life. We demonstrate respect by the way we speak, listen & attend. We also show respect by appreciating, supporting & responding positively to each person's communication style.