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Dementia Care

“Dementia is a disorder of the mental processes caused by Brain Dysfunction which includes Memory impairment & Behavioral changes”


Currently 44 Million people live with Dementia Worldwide. 5 Million People adding to this, every year. It’s estimated that up to 2040 the total population living with Dementia will be 80 Millions. In India the growth of people living with Dementia will be 300% more in coming years.

Why early Diagnosis & Treatment:-
Most types of Dementias can’t be cured but, if detected early there are various ways to treat them or at least maintain mental functions & prevent deterioration. Also if there is an early diagnosis, person can plan their own treatments & Future. They can find out the right people, hospital & authority of their property, to lead a fulfilled life.

Also there are Treatable Causes which can mimic Dementia, which treatable.

Depression Brain Infections Brain Tumors
Hypothyroidism Vit B12 Deficiency Vit D 3 deficiency
Head Injuries Over medications Normal Pressure Hydrocephalous