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Facilities at Jagruti Dementia Care

We have Private (single) & Semiprivate(Two Sharing) rooms. The rooms are warm and welcoming. Mostly we ask people to bring their own personal belongings, which they are welcome to do as it helps them to feel more at home and more comfortable with familiar things in sight. Each room comes with a regular bed, but we will provide a hospital bed if a client needs one.

All of our bedrooms are located in one wing of the house, making night-time supervision easy to obtain from our awake-night staff. Each room is easily accessible to our staff so clients can signal for staff assistance. Our rooms have a hand rail the entire length of the hall for stability and safety. Each room has a lovely view as well.

Many clients require staff assistance for all bathroom care, so more independent residents can call staff when needed. The bathroom is equipped with a roll-in shower and grab bars, so that we can meet each client's changing needs. The toilets will accommodate any type commode chairs. We advice each client to participate in their own care for as long as possible.

The Activity Rooms offer a pleasant place to socialize and share friendly conversation. Occasionally our residents will choose to watch something on the television together.



quality food plays a critical role in the quality of life we all experience. At Jagruti all meals and snacks are prepared in our kitchen and are shared in family style with clients and staff around the dining room table. Snacks, including fresh fruit and vegetables as well as some sweets like cookies or cake are available on request.

High Staff Ratio

Our high staffing ratios and social activities are designed to care for the whole person and to meet each individual's deep emotional and spiritual needs. We seek to address the unmet needs that can lead to a sense of loneliness and isolation and produce challenging behaviors. We offer seminars for caregivers and family members, as well as for friends to learn about memory care issues.

On Call Medical Care

Jagruti provides proactive health care management, with in-house RN nursing assessment and care, on-call 24/7. Our RNs and caregivers work closely to provide on call doctor visits, lab tests. Jagruti also provides transportation and staffing for outside clinic appointments. We facilitate clear communication between our clients, their care providers and their loved ones to ensure optimal health and continuity of care.


Housekeeping and Laundry

Housekeeping and laundry are included in the inhouse facilities.


Transportation to activities, medical appointments, community outings or simply a trip to the garden is provided by our trained staff.

Based on over 10 years of experience caring for the medically fragile and aging population, we can support almost every care level with very few exceptions. Following are some of the conditions for which we have experience in managing symptoms: