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My wife (Age 80yrs) is having Dementia since last 7-8yrs in which she was having forgetfulness with behavioral symptoms of Dementia like screaming, shouting & confusion. We took various treatments with many hospitals in Pune & Mumbai. But her condition deteriorated & she started having lots of side effects of medications & she became bedridden, we lost all hopes.

We admitted her under Dr Amar Shinde (Psychiatrist) at Jagruti Dementia Care, Hadapsar, Pune & within 15 days she improved miraculously. After few days we took discharge & she is at home under regular treatment of Dr Amar Shinde since last 2 yrs without need for admission in any admission. She is better with good improvement in memory, she doing all activities, she can walk without support. Her behavioral symptoms like shouting, screaming & violent behavior are stopped. We are doing regular f/u every month with regular medications.

Currently our family members are very much satisfied & we r giving all credits to Dr Amar Shinde. We hope Jagruti Dementia Care will function for the betterment of Dementia patients & there family members. All the best to Dr Amar Shinde, his parents & all the team of Jagruti rehabilitation centre.

Mr B.R. Joshi
(Age 85 years)



My father is 82 yrs old & suffering from Alzheimer’s Dementia since last 8 yrs. Initially we could take care of him but, as it progressed it was very difficult to take care of him. He was violent intermittently & would pass urine & stool anywhere in the flat. We love father too much hence initially we did all the care but slowly everyone got frustrated, as we could not see his sufferings, we got helpless. Then we come to know about Jagruti Dementia Care Center 3 yrs back. Initially we enquired but it was very difficult decision to admit him in a care facility. But finally 2 & 1/2 yrs back we admitted him for trial basis for 15 days but he got so much settled there that, we continued his admission till date. Intermittently he got critical but all the emergency treatment is taken care by the staff. We can visit him any time & every time he is fine. Since last 6 months he is unable to recognize anybody but his care is absolutely fine & we are happy to see him living there peacefully. We feel he is living in a temple. We strongly recommend this place for any Alzheimer’s dementia patient.

Mr Rajeev Laxman Hasabnis,


" Jagruti Dementia Care centre is one of its kind in Maharashtra & Pune in particular. This centre does a yeoman service for all the patients suffering from Dementia & other related conditions.

It is being headed by a well qualified doctor & his team with skilled support staff who are well educated, dedicated, caring & compassionate in their approach.

The Doctor's parents are so friendly & warm-hearted. They manage the daily service & support to all the patients. Their approach & attitude towards elderly patients are so heartwarming & truly dedicated which you rarely find anywhere else.

Patient’s personal hygiene is well maintained by their support staff. Food, Medicines, Toiletries & other essentials are taken care by the centre. The Infrastructure is good; quality of food served is excellent & is served on time. Laundry is well managed in-house & medicines are given to every patient on-time.

Maintaining the general health of the Dementia patients are handled with absolute care.

The Centre celebrates all important festivals & national days with great fervor & enthusiasm which makes the patients feel at home.

Any minor health conditions are taken care by themselves & they inform their close relatives / families.

In short, this centre is a blessing for all families who have patients with Dementia & other related conditions - the relatives can also be peaceful. Hence, it can be called as a home away from home.

Above all, this centre gives excellent service at a very affordable cost.

We strongly recommend this centre."

Rao Family,