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Activity is essential to human existence, health and wellbeing.
The urge to engage in purposeful and meaningful activity is a basic human drive.
This in-built motivation does not diminish or disappear as people age.

Why do people with dementia & elders need activity?

Activities have many purposes for human beings, meeting needs for inclusion, identity, and roles in life.

• There appears to be a link between engagement in meaningful activity and well- being which relates to the needs of people with dementia.

• People with dementia seem to be particularly at risk of not ‘doing’ and this can lead to ill being.

• Activity has the potential to enhance quality of life, promote strengths, reduce rate of cognitive decline, enhance relationships and communications, draw on interests and enhance self esteem.

•Activities for the people with dementia may be more important for their psychological well-being, than the physical and social environment.

• ‘Doing’ things can become difficult for a person with dementia but it is unusual for a person with dementia to be unable to engage with their world at all.

• Engagement is a term that describes the way that we connect with the world and can vary from just observing objects and people to complex types of activity such as cooking a meal.

We try to engage all of our elders with some activities tailored to their needs so that they will be busy. These activities are under supervision of skilled staff.
Following are some examples

Tailoring Embroidery Envelope making Card making
File making Candle making Bags making Crafts
Dance prog Cooking classes Gardening